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Thread: AVENTADOR headlights and tail lights thread

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    Question AVENTADOR headlights and tail lights thread


    Want to ask about AVENTADOR headlights and tail lights.

    What type of Kelvin bulbs Aventador using in headlights(HID(Bi-XENON))?
    What type of bulbs is Aventador using in headlights Y(DRL) and corner? Because, I think its T10 SMD led

    And the main question is what type of bulbs is using in Aventador tail lights?
    (Especially in ->

    Thanks for your support!

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    I like to know too, i don;t think the t-10 is going to work thats only single filament, which is good for side markers or even night lite,what is needed is one with a double filament and that i haven't seen , unless there is another way to do it, replicaforsale ( forum member) can poss advice on this topic, i think he is past this already.

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    "The following users were not found: replicaforsale"
    The only smallest double filament bulb is BAY15S. But doesnt it too big? Because tail lights arrows is so small...
    BAY15S(double filament) SMD LED example:
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    The aventador is using LEDs and Bi-Xeons. The eyes are made out of LEDs, the indicators are made out of LEDs, and the complete tail lights are made out of LEDs.
    Regarding the color temperature; Just get something that isn't blueish, nor yellowish. According to this, a temperature around ~6200k should be Ok.
    It also depends on the kind of plexiglass/lens color you're using. Get a couple of LEDs with different temperatures and try
    For the headlight eyes, something a bit colder would be better, I guess about ~6500k. For the front and side indicators, according to this, you would need something around ~3000k.

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