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Thread: Audio and video options

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    Audio and video options

    I hope to be able to start a build sometime toward the end of this year and have been thinking about some of the options I would like to have in the car. First, what are your thoughts about on board computers? Second are there such animals that have computing, navigation, audio, hands free talk etc in an all in one unit? Which would be the better way to approach including all this into a car without it becoming too.....hmmmm invasive I guess is the word. In other words, I don't want a gps screen, computer screen, radio etc and etc cluttering the dash and or console! I would like to keep it as clean as possible. My intent is to use a lot of wood in the interior and I want to display the beauty of the wood rather than all the gadgets.

    If you have done this, have links, instructions etc, please post.


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    You can buy tablet pc. Its light weight, small(or big if you want that), pretty and have all basic functions in it(radio, music, video player,GPS, phone function(SIM card slot), internet, games, apps, etc.)

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