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Thread: an 8 -8 JIC 1/2" bsp thread Help me please!!

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    an 8 -8 JIC 1/2" bsp thread Help me please!!

    Hi Guys
    I need some urgent help please
    According to wikipedia -8 an is 1/2" bsp thread, so I have machined all the oil ports o my Audi V8 and the oil system with 1/2" bsp fittings. Yesterday my -8 an hose fittings turned up in the post and the threads are different. The -8 fittings are too small slightly and seem to have a finer thread pitch.
    does anyone know what the -8 thread should be? I have 6 male 1/2" bsp fittings and 6 -8 female hose connectors. I need to machine one end of the male fittings to the correct thread. Help

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    AN thread - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    For those new to that reference -8 (dash 8) is a hydraulic hose reference. The numbering system is in 16ths of an inch so a 8 = 8/16").
    Sooo, a 'dash4' (4/16") hose or fitting has an inside diameter of 1/4" and a 'dash6' (6/16") hose has an inside diameter of 3/8".

    These fittings have never been BSP.
    You could try fitting adapters first Nick.
    An 8 AN8 An 08 to 1 2" BSP BSPP Straight Adapter | eBay

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