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Thread: Plugs.

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    So...having had an interest in fabrication, I have been attempting to create panels for my own projects.
    Made a few mistakes...but found it to be mostly rewarding.

    Circumstances have left my better half and myself waiting on relocating, house contents mostly packed/boxed for last two years, move in progress for five.

    Decided to purchase Spitfire as a base car.
    Changed suspension.
    Used the Triumph 2.5 S, wanted re designed front grill, quarter panels, none available, phoned local shop, they said I'd need a plug.
    Made one from filler/ re claimed wood, took to another GRP company, who persuaded me to give fiber glassing ago, and offered me employment...yay.
    Molded plugs, gave quater panels deep draught, took all day to release,
    still....once fitted took car to a company who offered principle...subject to alterations, clearance related.
    Name:  PlugsPlugsExample2_zpsb3788dfb.jpg
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    Decided to carry on experimenting, made a roof:
    Name:  PICT0015940x705.jpg
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    Junked, but kept some panels, built again, wooden skeleton, for rough idea of lines, templates across.
    Name:  PICT0647P.jpg
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    Name:  PICT0073.jpg
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    Found that there was a 8mm difference in car, from centre, to outer wing.
    Name:  PICT0080.jpg
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    One of my favorite tools has to be the Grinder....
    Name:  PICT0149P.jpg
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    Name:  PICT0100P.jpg
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    Name:  PICT0729.jpg
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    Wrong trousers?
    Name:  PICT0786.jpg
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    Framed area for molding.
    Name:  PICT0942.jpg
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    Layed up rear with Four plus layers of Gelcoat, Choppings, chopped strand matt 600, two layers, up to laminate wood divide, with locators.
    Name:  PICT0959640x480.jpg
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    Found that using one layer of release wax, on plug surface, before using sticky tape kept finish un damaged.
    Cut laminate for divide, drilled edges, used filler to tape, trimmed with chisel, waxed etc.
    Name:  PICT0970320x200.jpg
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    Name:  PICT0989320x200.jpg
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    Molded side vents separately, filled over to lay up rear.
    After sections were laid up to two layers of 600, sanded, then continued at two layers a day/ sanding, till the mold was a bout twelve layers.
    Name:  PICT1248640x480.jpg
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    Was thinking of rear mounted rad', diffuser, and wing.
    Name:  PICT1087320x200.jpg
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    Added plastic strip, started with filler.
    Name:  PICT1254320x200.jpg
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    Brought sides round.
    Name:  PICT1252320x200.jpg
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    Ply for edge, strips to add filler on.
    Name:  PICT1261320x200.jpg
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    Added light bases.
    Name:  PICT1326640x480.jpg
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    Set licence plate flush, built surfaces up.
    Name:  PICT1378640x480.jpg
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    Shaped ply for inner line, filled to outer edges.
    Name:  PICT1432480x360.jpg
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    Decided it was too thick.
    Name:  PICT1468.jpg
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    Now why didn't I just stack those lights....
    Name:  PICT1501480x360.jpg
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    One of the Templates made, added release wax to plug, sticky taped the line to capture, cut wood roughly to match, drilled edges, added filler, held to line.
    When set, angled back edge.
    Name:  PICT1533320x240.jpg
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    Felt the need to cut away.
    Name:  PICT1566480x360.jpg
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    Had a go at a rear channel-ling section..later scrapped.
    Same deal, ply, filler.
    Name:  PICT1804480x360.jpg
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    Reset lights, cut inner bracketing for adjustable wing. Rounded edges.
    Name:  PICT2216.jpg
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    Name:  PICT2296360x480.jpg
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    Name:  PICT2302360x480.jpg
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    Adjusted mold, filled in areas, layed up section, one layer of Gelcoat, three of 600, polyester resin. Blended top lines.
    Name:  PICT3147.jpg
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    Made example rad' from card etc. Earlier in the project had set up a wind test to see if there was any air flow at all, to this area.
    Name:  PICT3167.jpg
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    At last some shape, something to work with.
    Name:  PICT3103.jpg
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    Name:  BLOGGER1.jpg
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    To take a mold, suspended wood from rear.
    Name:  PICT3238.jpg
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    For a cleaner line, chiseled plug along edge......
    Name:  PICT3262.jpg
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    ....Filler applied had guide, aswell as color difference aiding visually to shape.
    Name:  PICT3273.jpg
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    Handy to be able to remove.
    My choice of paper was 60 grit, worn seemed ideal.
    Name:  Framing1.jpg
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    Name:  RearFramingRed1.jpg
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    Framed, ready for molding.
    Name:  PICT3420.jpg
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    First stages of taking mold.
    Name:  PICT3808.jpg
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    "Brackets" for adjustable rear wing, and diffuser, split in two to tidy, take molds etc.
    Name:  PICT3474.jpg
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    Decided to try a seat, back cast using plaster bandages, five layers thick, no alginate, nor re enforced, with fiberglass.
    Name:  PICT3519.jpg
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    Form wasn't made to last.
    Cut in half, one half kept whole, other cut into strips.
    Name:  CarbonFiberBucketseat1.jpg
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    Made back bone curve, fixed to base.
    Name:  PICT3571.jpg
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    Lines from plaster strips transferred to wooden strips, cut/sanded together, positioned onto base.
    Name:  DSC01654.jpg
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    Packed gaps with junk, including concrete.
    Name:  ConcretePlasterInsulationSawdustUpt.jpg
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    Added filler, treating each section individually.
    Name:  PICT3738.jpg
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    One helpful aid was adding height screws for some areas.
    Name:  CarbonFiberBucketseat5.jpg
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    The ply gives a solid reference. Most of the time simply "Sweeping" away filler, or, polishing, is all thats needed.
    Name:  CarbonFiberBucketseat7.jpg
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