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Thread: 3d murcielago roadster

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    3d murcielago roadster

    Does anybody have a Murchi roadster 3d model they don't mind sharing? I've looked everywhere and can't find one (free), I've found them online for $100. That's fine if I was about to build it as compared to making a buck that is nothing, but a bit too much if I just want to dream about building it after my current scratchbuild (I'm sure there are people here who do the same lol).


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    I can probably rip something like this from a game if you'd like to purchase another model from my list and trade... this way you can get two models if no one has it to share.

    Models for trade
    Im poor and desperate for supercar models
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    Aventador J, Gallardo Spyder, Reventon Roadster, but no, no Murcielago Roadster.

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