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Thread: Wet sanding, buffing, sealing, waxing questions

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    Wet sanding, buffing, sealing, waxing questions

    I have been away from this for sometime but I want to do some buffing. This will be new clear coat I am working on and I plane to sand out any nibs or orange peel with 2000 grit wet or dry paper. Then compound and buff.
    What are the basics of this? You compound and then what? I read about sealers, glazes, swirl removers, wax, polish.
    I am confused on the steps. HeLp !!!
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    What do you want to do!? Restore a clear coat or apply a new layer?! Always build up the ruffness of the sanding paper/polish you are using.... The ruffer the suface of the are you want to buff... The ruffer you start...

    Wet or dry is depending in what your goal is...

    When I've apllied body filler(2 part) to an area i start with dry 80 grid to straighten the surface then 100.. Then 230 grid If needed apply another layer of body filler... (And repeat) then wet sanding 400 grid, then 800, then 1200, then 2000, then colour, then light 2000 wet (or scotchbrite) then clear coat 3 layers ... Sand it with 3000 grid if you like... Then polish using a fine polish agent...with a soft sponge on the machine at low RPM...

    Always use a block (kork or a professional one) never use your fingers because they will follow the contours of surface making inperfections worse sometimes...

    For the final buff use CLEAN cotton cloth (baby dypers i use)

    I always use profi polish ( used by car clean companies in NL)

    Hope this helps..

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    I have a YouTube video and a brief explanation on my wordpress site.
    Paint Cut and Polish | Kwiker Cars
    Check it out

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    Dman In answer to your question, this is new basecoat with 2 coats Dupont clear applied. I then sanded any nibs plus the whole area with 1200 grit wet and applied 2 more coats of clear. Now it is time to buff.
    Jdinner ----great video
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