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Thread: Which ignition system ?? Advice please

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    Which ignition system ?? Advice please

    Hello guys

    I'm just trying to resurrect my K1 attack build which has laid dormant for the last 10 months !!!!

    One of the challenges I had left was regarding the ignition system. The engine is an Audi V8 4.2 Fsi Normally aspirated from an RS4. My current thoughts are

    1) Run the std loom and ECU's and see if I can get the CAM and un-nessecary parts removed... I ve got no ABS, only 1 wheel speed, etc and want to make sure I don't end up permantly in a get you home mode or with reduced rev limits.

    2) Run a 'Life' or similar ECU, probably blanking off the Direct Injection and fitting new injectors in the inlet tracts... This should give slightly more top end power and ease of set up... Only problem is its coming out at about 2350 for ECU, 300 for drive by wire, 400 for injectors, 750 for loom plus set up and dyno time... Starting to get a bit too expensive !!!!

    Has anybody got the RS4 engine running on stock ECUs in without the std wheel speeds etc or experience with stand alone ECU's.

    Many thanks


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    What kind of amperage is required to open those direct injectors?
    The Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 will run the CAM and comes with the loom (flying leads).
    The throttle can be converted to mechanical and add in a TPS anywhere in the linkage.
    The Haltech does not need a speed sensor. It only needs a GM CTS, IAT, TPS, IAC (optional) and a VR or Hall Effect crank trigger. The Cam trigger is optional too but probably needed in your case. A wideband O2 sensor is required for the tuning also.
    I'm assuming that engine also has COP's on it. Haltech can do that too.
    The phone support from Australia is the best I've ever seen. They stayed on the phone with me for 45 minutes (on their dime) until I got the car to stop backfiring. It needed a filter in the crank trigger wire due to interference.

    Here is link to my page where I set it up for a V12 BMW. Not nearly as complicated as your engine but this will give you an idea.
    Haltech Setup Step-by-Step | Kwiker Cars


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    Jim, I gotta say the depth of your knowledge is mind boggling to me. If I could wrap my head around half of what you've forgotten I'd be happy. -Vinny
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