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Thread: Noble M600 Chassis question

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    Noble M600 Chassis question

    Hello guys, I've heard from TopGear that the Noble M600 uses "stainless steel" for their tubeframe chassis.

    Does anybody know which kind of stainless steel do these guys use?

    Thank you

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    It says it is stainless steel sheet tub on a tubular frame on Nobles site.
    304, 308 or 321 is probably used.
    It would be really expensive either way.

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    thank you very much sir. some more questions, in what other ways is this kind of steel better than ordinary steel except the rust-issues.
    and what are the difference of 304, 308 and 321?
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    Difference is the mixture of different metals. Chromium, nickel and sometimes carbon.
    Weldability, strength and anti-corrosion are all factored in to the specific purpose.
    I would consult a professional before ordering if you are planning on making a frame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobi1 View Post
    The stainless steel tubes (depending the type) in my area are about 3-6 times more expensive than tubes of mild steel. Stainless steel is usually as swice as stronger, is rust-free for at least 100 years (yes, no matter the name, it will rust some day), requires different settings/wire for welding, will not break as easily next to the welds (the latter is a common problem of mild steel and can be solved with additional heat threating).
    thx Bobi1

    How about those guys who just use mild steel for their chassis? What chemical do they apply/spray to make the steel rust free?

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    I made my chassis from mild steel. I test fitted the body, hinges and latches to weld on all the mounting brackets prior to sending it out for powder coat.
    The entire chassis was coated at once and baked.
    Any additional bracket that was required was drilled, tapped and bolted to the chassis. I did not grind any coating off after this day.


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    Or use POR15. Look it up.

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