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Thread: fiero v6 Lambo sound loud and aggressive! LOOK!

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    fiero v6 Lambo sound loud and aggressive! LOOK!

    I was wondering this sounds really nice for a fiero v6 engine. I have a v6 2.8 fiero engine to work with at this time. Is this possible? sounds really nice in my opinion for a plain v6. The borla xr1 exhaust and cherry bomb both sounds really good to me. How did he get this sound? Is it just a simple v6 with the add on exhaust or is there more im not seeing to get this kind of sound?

    Lamborghini Murcielago Replica Exhaust Sound - Experiment with XR-1 Muffler on V6 Fiero - Reventon - YouTube

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    The guy that did these videos is also a member here. He posted in the Build diary about his Reventon build and included his experiments and explains what he did if I remember correctly.

    Anyone remember his name? Lamboreplica or something like that. He and his team were doing great work last time he updated.

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    Here is the sound I got out of my 308 replica and stock 2.8

    replica sound - YouTube

    Its just got custom 2 into 1 pipes from the headers into a super cheap cherry bomb muffler then back into dual exhaust out the back

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