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Thread: Sanding down glass fibre - best sanding disc?

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    Sanding down glass fibre - best sanding disc?

    Hi Guys
    busy sanding down the Zonda to make it as smooth as a possible, the 5" velcro backed discs really wear out quickly. I have some 60 grit ones which last 5 mins, and some Dewalt 120 grit which last a bit longer but being that much smoother dont bite off so much.

    I just wondered if you could recomend something?

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    I use a 35-80 grit on a die grinder, or pretty much any grit on an angle grinder to get rid of high spots in glass. Then I fill where needed and hand block in 40-120.

    Since fiberglass and bondo sand at such a different rate, it's best to treat glass as a metal when blocking. Grind down high spots and fill in low spots.

    You can block down glass if it's all glass. Just remember to get a healthy coat of a hard sealer afterwards. Glass strands suck in moisture like a wick.

    Despite all my air tools, I find it easier and faster to do 90% of the work by hand with various blocks and boards. Most fillers will have a sweet spot right before it turns rock hard where you can hit it with a cheese grater, or gum up your first sheet of sandpaper. After you get past that slightly tacky skin, it sands real nice.

    So to be clear, I rarely ever use power tools to clean up a shape. I mainly use them to smooth out a surface that is already shaped properly.
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