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Thread: Starter Kit car Builder help

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    Starter Kit car Builder help

    Hello Everyone!

    I'm someone who loves car all types of cars really Ferraris, Jaguars, Mercedes, Porsches all cars!
    I was wondering what would be the easiest or cheapest kit car to build?
    The story is I am sixteen and want to build a replica for a project as well as this car I build will be the car I would like to drive when I have my license (18)
    The money would come from parents and my own pockets but this seems like a much better investment then spending my money on crap I don't need like most kids my age buy.

    All opinions and ideas would be appreciated I was thinking kit cars or replicas don't know all the terms yet something like and old Ferrari 355 or maybe even a old Lamborghini

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    The easiest kit to build to get your feet wet would be a Cobra. I would also recommend the 818 kit from Factory Five. Any of the Ferrari or Lamborghini kits are rather complicated and are probably not for a beginner.

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    Look at, or

    Your best bet is probably to restore an completed older kit, something like a 308 on a Fiero frame. it's a lot of work, time, money and commitment to start a build from scratch, particularly for a first car. Beyond that, there's a lot of knowledge needed that you just have to learn by experience; can't exactly be taught.

    If you're interested, I have a completed Countach Roadster that I'd sell for $10k. It runs and drives, but needs some work to be a convincing replica.
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    RHK has good advice. Keep your eye on craigslist and etc. Hopefully you will come across an older kit that needs some TLC or a uncompleted kit. If you start from scratch you will be talking about a sizeable amount of cash. Even an older kit can be finished to look very nice and be unique to all your friend’s cars.

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