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Thread: Details - Interior III Last ones.

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    Details - Interior III Last ones.

    Here are the last of the pictures I took reciently. My interior was mostly done in the black/yellow when I bought my Mera so I just made it better. Most likley if it had been all stock I would have done the replica dash and stuff. The only change I want to make yet is the shifter console. I want to make it thinner and move the shifter to the drivers side some and a single real 308 ash tray on the right but retain the Fiero window and mirror switches in the stock location.

    The first owner drilled into the dash for a telephone so to cover the holes I have a phone there. It does not work though. The GTS emblem is a 328 dash emblem that was black/orange. I painted the orange center line white. I cut a wood board to fit the dash opening there and covered it in black leather.

    I have 84 Indy Pace car leather covered arm rests that I had stripped and dyed black. The OEM plastic arm rests really looked cheap. Cost a fair amount to do this. I have the aftermarket Ferrari key fobs that fit in the openings on the door handles. These are no longer available. Too bad as if you ground of the upper colors they fit like they were made for the opening where the Fiero logo inserts were and look factory.

    Momo Monte Carlo steering wheel. Best steering wheel in my opinion. 328 horn button. The 308 horn buttons do not have the horn logo so I used the 328 which I think looks better. Momo pedals. I made custom brackets so they all fit perfect and solid. I had to hand make my own gas pedal out of steel as the plastic one would not really work to mount the Momo gas pedal to and look perfect. I used the Ferrari golf club marker on the cruise stalk. I ground it flat on the back and glued it on. I don't think you can get these markers anymore. Nice touch as when people look in the see the Ferrari logo and do not notice the GM cruise stalk!

    My radio. I made an aluminum plate and filled the large GM opening to use the Blaupunk radio to get rid of that GM radio look and have a radio more common to a Ferrari. I used all 84 black switches. I used a map lite switch off a 80's GM car and also used one for the driving lights. I modified both to fit. I even added the lighted area in the driving lights switch and it lights up with the driving lights on.

    Close up of the cruise stalk.

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    Re:  Details - Interior III Last ones.

    Rodney, tell us more about your Speedo and Tach.... That would look good in my Countach project... Thanks

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