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Thread: Latest update on windshield

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    Latest update on windshield

    Hi All,
    I am little outdated on which is the best windshield for Ferrari replica. I know of Dodge Sebring, Stratus, Neon, and the custome windshield at a premium price. I am interested in putting an extended windshield on a Fiero to see how it will look. Any idea how to get one fairly inexpensive? I will also need the bottom tray as well. I am located in Chino, California.

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    A rundown of screens from what I know:

    1. Sebring Coupe mid 90's
      1. Height is pretty good
      2. bottom pushes out about 6"
      3. a-pillar and top edges have a bit more curve so there will be some filling needed on the Fiero a-pillar to fill in the gap.
        1. From what I remember, folks used Duraglas?? to fill in the gaps or weld in a new metal strip in to fill the gap

      4. I think the bottom also has a weird notch cut in it to allow for the wiper or something on the oem car
      5. No trays available that I know of any more.
        1. IKR used to have one but not sure if he still does

    2. Sean's Breeze screen
      1. Needs to be cut down on both sides
      2. pushes the bottom out about 8"
      3. sides need trimming
      4. Sean's build thread has some details
      5. Sean built a tray in place so you would most likely need to do the same
      6. Pretty sure he said he had the same a-pillar gap that needed filling

    3. Neon screen
      1. Gen one is the one to use
      2. Too short by an inch or so
      3. Tray would need to compensate for that
      4. Sides also about 3/4" too narrow near the bottom and then it curves out a bit mid way and then back in again at the top
        1. Not sure how much at the middle and top
        2. I placed a Neon screen on my Fiero and it was quite a bit off all over.
        3. Could be used but the windshield surround would need work

    4. Geo Metro(??) screen
      1. Similar to the Neon.
      2. The top is narrower
      3. Top corners are also sharper than the Fiero
      4. I believe it is also shorter and narrower on the bottom same as Neon but not 100% on that

    5. Trevor/Air Dynamics Screen
      1. In my opinion, the best of the works
      2. Made for the Fiero top and pushes the bottom out to 355 shape
      3. Trays available (I have a tray mold)
      4. Hard to find screens now.
      5. If you break or crack, you are screwed as there aren't many out there for sale any more
      6. You would want to get two

    I know Sean was selling off his first Sebring version cut down screen a while ago when he shortened his a-pillars. I don't know of any Trevor/AD screens out there any more. The last 6 I knew about went to a few Fiero and 355 builders on the East Coast.

    How comfy are you about cutting down a screen or doing some a-pillar adjustments for the Breeze or Sebring setup?? If it were me, I would start with the Sebring option first as they are the most available and relatively cheap and probably the least amount of work.....

    Good luck
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