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Thread: Countach and Diablo windscreens and side glass

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    Good news Diablo guys. I am working with a company on glass. The molds are to factory spec and I'm just waiting on final pricing. Shipping is the highest cost so im waiting to hear what 10 sets will cost. I can get 1 set made but only if your desperate and want to spend 2500.00. I will keep you posted but it's in the works with a ton of other stuff pics coming soon of something cool too.

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    That's great news. I've been watching out for the right unfinished diablo kit for sale and glass is a huge factor. If it can be gotten affordably from alternate sources it will make kit hunting a bit easier!

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    Hey, any updates on the Countach door glass? Thanks

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    We do have progress. Very slow still but progress. We are into the samples stage now and hope to have some updates in the early New Year. Been a long slow process but we are seeing some movement.

    This might actually happen......

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    Hi guys and gals, I thought I would stop I. And give you all the hook up on the Diablo glass as there is no way for me to make this affordable and turn a profit without feeling like I was ripping you off so I have worked it out with AGP, in Peru to sell one set or multiples but they won't cut a deal on shipping unless you want to setup your own logistics which to me means having someone in Peru making sure it all is d tohandled properly. The shipping is double the glass which is why I'm doing this. I don't tell that a set of 600 dollar glass is worth what people are asking and is a frustrating to see this happening when it already costs a fortune to build a good car. Here is my last email with pricing and shipping cost. I tried to get a deal on the shipping if i bought 25 sets of glass but it was not happening. Please do me a favor as this is a personal contact that doesn't have time to answer questions. I ask that you only contact him if you have an order and funds ready and are calling to place an order. He is difficult to reach sometimes and we are lucky he will sell us just onesy twosies on this glass which took months of work on my end to get him to agree too which I am very thankful for. Now if anyine wants to go to Peru and put together a group order I'm down. Also will someone please pass this info on to the other forums. I don't have the time but wanted to get you guys setup instead of ripped off!! His email is below

    Cristhian Rodriguez Quispe <> wrote:

    Hello Steve,

    Our apologies for the late response.

    We received your questions regarding the Diablo WS and also the Aventador model,

    We do have the Diablo available for production but not in stock. Estimate lead time would be 3 weeks (airfreight will add 1 week) Price (EXW): USD 560 / Price (DDP) USD 1500

    About the aventador, yes we can re-engineer the part in 1-2 weeks after we receive the original. Production could take between 3 to 4 weeks depending on the total quantity.

    Estimate development cost would be 2.5 to 5K US Dollars. I donít have the exact dimensions on the model but I estimate the price would be between 400 - 600 USD (EXW)


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