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Thread: Electric Steering Box

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    Question Electric Steering Box

    Has anyone tried one of these yet and if they have, do they have any feedback on them?

    Saturn Vue ion Chevrolet Equinox

    Name:  $(KGrHqVHJE!FE3spbY-qBRcSCywdg!~~60_57.jpg
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    Name:  $T2eC16dHJF4FFkkd7eHcBRcSCu1csg~~60_3.jpg
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    The idea seems simple enough however I have concerns about having limited road feel (all power) and if the steering assist is electric servo only from the donor steering column or if there is additional parts need to make this work (electric steering pump and/or special rack)? The auction states that these two parts are basically all that's needed but I find it hard to believe that a servo on the column is enough. Can it really be that simple?

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    Supposedly the only thing you need is a column from a Vue or Equinox and this controller

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    Something seems fishy with that auction..........
    He's basically selling you a turn pot with a couple wires soldered on, and little black plastic box with more wires coming out? It looks like he made it himself.

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    Looks like the WCF power steering conversion kit minus the power steering column... West Coast Fiero Upgrade Performance Parts

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