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Thread: convertible comfort

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    convertible comfort

    i recently got a convertible fiero and have only driven it once with the top down. it was a hot day, mid 90's and combined with the engine heat it was like driving around in a sauna. it seems almost hotter moving. i guess because the air was coming off the windshield, wrapping around and picking up the heat from the engine also.

    besides picking a better day to put the top down, what could i do to keep some of the engine heat down? has it been a problem for anyone else?

    what i plan to try is putting a rubber seal of some kind along the edge of the trunk lid just behind the seats. i also picked up a set of '84 engine side covers that i want to try putting backward facing scoops on with possibly small pancake fans under them to make the hot compartment air exit a little farther away from the pass. comp. i've been looking at pictures of mr spyders and seeing that the engine vents are at the very end of the engine lid. for the same reason?

    anyway, any thoughts and/or experience appreciated.
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    Re: convertible comfort

    Revin on PFF took several computer fan's and put them at the end of his decklid scoop to help pull out some of the heat out of the engine bay. Contact him on PFF and go that route. Also doing the 84 cover's like you're talking about will help some too.
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    Re: convertible comfort

    i really don't want to get too scoop crazy with this car. you've seen my other car and the chopper has the same if not more. i kind of want this to be sort of a black tie fiero.

    side note: if i don't want to keep adding a sig how do i delete it?
    Phil T.<br /><br />Start where you are,<br />use what you have, <br />do what you can.

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