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Thread: Rust problems on conversions?

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    Rust problems on conversions?

    Hi folks,

    Just wondering if anybody's noticed any problems with rust after, perhaps, a number of years with stuff like the DNA kits due to them being based on steel-bodied cars?

    Particularly wondering about areas such as gaps between the OEM wheelarches and the fibreglass wheelarches, which look like they could be water-traps if not sealed or drained properly.

    Maybe it's not a problem but it kinda gives me the heeby-jeebies to think that a lovely-looking replica could actually be going rotten underneath the fibreglass.

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    Considering how little most kit cars are driven after the conversion , that most are never driven in the rain and are garaged , I don't think rust is a big issue

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    I use Rust Destroyer on my chassis and it had been sitting inside and outside in rain couple of times with out a spot of rust. On couple of my restored cars I normally top coat it as the manufacturer suggests. One car I have had for over 10 years and drove in rain and snow and I have still not seen any rust.

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