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Thread: How to Start an Auto Parts Store

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    How to Start an Auto Parts Store

    I am new at this forum anyone suggest me that how to start an auto parts store please reply..!!

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    Very competitive business if you are talking general parts. You will probably need to buy a franchise like Carquest. If you are talking a specialty store like for racing parts you might do OK by yourself but you will need a substantial amount of money to get started and it will take some time to build up a customer base and a reputation. You will have to apply for dealer status with all the companies who's products you want to carry. I hope you have deep pockets.

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    start an online store first, it'll help keep your overhead down.
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    You could always make money from used parts. Buy some land outside of town, and run an add in the local paper, and any other classifieds outlet for pickup of junk or unwanted vehicles... something like-Cash for Junkers, title or not, running or not... There is always money to be made on used auto parts. And if you are dead set on the performance aspect, make a decent garage with a catchy name in front of the car field, and advertise separately for the speed shop. Now you git to do what you want, and have the used parts to carry you threw the slow start, or middle, or end. I have always wanted to open a used car parts store just to have an accuse to take things apart all day.

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