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Thread: fuel lines on 3800 swap

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    fuel lines on 3800 swap

    What is the best way to extend fuel lines,throttle, manual shifter cables on a 3800 sc swap in a fiero
    Pictures would be great

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    When I built mine. I used steel brake line and fuel injection hose to extend the fuel supply line. I put a bubble on the end of the metal lines using a standard flair tool. This will prevent the hose from slipping off the steel line when the hose is pressurized. I also used 2 fuel injection hose clamps on each connection. They will allow a better seal than a standard hose clamp. You donít need to use fuel injection hose for the vent or return lines. Just use standard fuel line. Since itís not under pressure like the supply line is.

    Extended shifter cables may be purchased from West Coast Fiero. They will make it any length you need.

    The throttle cable may be long enough just as it is. You may need to make a new mounting bracket to adapt it to the 3800.
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    Thanks macgyver,do I need to use quick connect to hook to the engine or just cut it off and flare it
    Which one is the return line and do I need a fuel filter in the line

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    You can hook it up what ever way you wish. Quick connect or not.

    You absolutely need a filter on the line. A high pressure one made for fuel injection. I think I just replaced the original Fiero one. It's been a while, I forget.

    There are 3 lines coming from the tanks fuel pump. I forget off the top of my head which one is the supply line. I don't have a Fiero book handy to look it up.

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    OK I will look it up thanks alot

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