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Thread: New lmp kit

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    New lmp kit

    Not a Lambo but an LMP well worth a look through the build pics, amazing what you can do with a cnc router. Also have a look at the gearbox extension now that's something new.
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    Instead of the gearbox extension they should just use the Corvette transmission/differential.

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    Looked at this kit awhile ago and would like to build one but too expensive to import into Canada.

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    i looked them up also. if building a fun track car it would be great. dont think there would be a driveway in the world you are getting into with that wheelbase and overhang tho. iirc you didn't get alot for the money also. would be crazy to see on the road though.

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    the RCR superlite SLC would be similar and right here in the US, track/street.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobi1 View Post
    Yep, it's one of the projects I designed and partially developed for "Aeromaster sports cars". There is an older thread on MM with some more information:
    Aeromastersportscars - YouTube
    AutomotiveCNC - YouTube
    nice job on that bobs

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