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Thread: Wiring harness question?

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    Wiring harness question?

    Greetings from Ontario, Canada.

    I'm installing an LS6 engine from an 02 Z06 in my project. I plan to use a wiring harness (Painless) and have been considering the use of the instrument cluster from a C6 instead of the C5.

    Can you tell me,

    A) is there any difference between the C6 and C5 cluster?

    B) if I will encounter any issues with any of the C6 gauges not functioning properly and if so, how to remedy?

    C) will I need to modify the harness to accommodate the C6 cluster if it will even work?

    D) should I just stick with the C5 cluster?

    I understand some of the challenges I will face with this build and the wiring is certainly one of them. This is why I felt that utilizing the ECU, engine and instrument cluster from the original donor C5 might make things somewhat easier?

    If the Painless wiring harness can be modified to use the plugs that fit the cluster then my hope is the gauges should work, however, this is where my lack of technical and mechanical knowledge requires me to reach out to the forums for assistance.

    Thanks for your input,

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    from my search before yes it will work , a lot said it would not but remember reading a guy did get it to work, just had to change connectors. just gooogle c6 cluster in c5 and there should be plenty of info. If not mistaken you have to use the BCM to use the guages in a swap.
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