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Thread: question about pearl white paint!

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    question about pearl white paint!

    I was wondering if it's even doable to paint a white car into a pearl white, would it need a complete repaint or it could be painted over the white with only pearl and clear provided it's properly prepped. I'm playing with the idea of having my car repainted but full 3 stage pearl paint would cost arm and leg as I was told.

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    Yes, it can be done. Although I never tried it. Sem makes a pearl additive. It comes in a little jar and could be added to a clear coat. The car would need to be prepped and scuffed as normal then sprayed with the clear. The downside is you would not be able to repair it if you got into a fender bender. You would have to refinish the entire car to ever get it to match.

    You would be better off just to paint the car with a pearl white base coat then clear. There won’t be that much of a price difference. Just the added cost of the base coats.

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    Yes as mac says better off using the proper pearls etc
    I've just done a candy red 3 stage pearl and I calculated the amounts of basecoat applied and the amounts of pearl coats that needed applying so for future reference if I need to re paint anything that gets damaged i know exactly how many coats were applied.

    Also its easier to blow in as I've done this car before and had to blow in and blend a panel and if a good match and the correct coats I find 3 stage as easy as normal 1 stage base to blend.

    The only problem was for 1ltr of the candy base it was 90 and for 1ltr of pearl coat was 95 and then you have laquers etc but I do use waterbase which is more expensive than solvent.
    To paint an average sized car you would need around 2trs of each paint stage.
    Also pearls need to be applied slightly diferant to normal basecoats.

    Hop this info helps

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    I have a little experience with pearl white!
    You can get a gallon of base white, a gallon of pearl and 1 1/2 gallons of clear for about $300. I dont suggest you use a pearl addative that goes in the clear or in the base coat either. Additives are difficult to mix in the proper ratio, and tend to settle in the cup while spraying. What your left with is a coat that is heavy with pearl to start, and getting lighter and less as you spray.
    Matrix makes a very nice pearl for white basecoats, and its easy to spray a consistent coat.
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