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    Ok so I got the message on the last thread concerning LS4 with a automatic transmission is pretty much my best option. It seems I am limited on performance upgrades on a LS$ engine. Am I correct? What do you suggest in upgrades performance? I have a budget of $10,000-$15,000 on engine/installation and parts.

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    Keep it stock if you want a reliable car you can actually drive
    Unless you want to start breaking half shafts and other components , then you can turbo it.

    You're going to get more than adequate performance from a light kit car with a 300hp v8 in it

    Too many people shoot for 500-600hp in a kit car , and end up with a car that breaks something everytime all the power is put down, or overheating problems , or other issues

    Keep it stock and you can drive it thousands of miles worry free

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    You can up grade the cam shaft, do a light port job on the heads and have it tuned and have all the HP you will need and it will still run forever.

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    My LS4 swap 88 GT dyno'd 538hp at the flywheel but the original builder did a lot of modification and quite frankly, I would have had to pour another $3-5K into a transmission that could handle that kind of HP. Even then, the input shaft, drive chain and clutch packs would likely fail. I opt'd to go back to stock and do an intake, TB and mild cam swap. I am now at 363ph and the performance is very nice. On a light car, that is plenty of power. I find big HP number are almost always about ego not real world needs.

    Just my $.02

    Dr. W.

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    I appreciate the comments, will do some upgrades on cam and heads then do a tune. What would you suggest on a single exhaust system? I cannot use a dual exhaust due to the kit car I am building only has one exhaust on the real car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rj0002 View Post

    What do you suggest in upgrades performance? I have a budget of $10,000-$15,000 on engine/installation and parts.
    If you buy a good motor and trans and have a professional installation, I think you're not gonna have to worry too much about buying performance parts (i think you're gonna eat up your budget pretty quick).

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