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Thread: audi r8 trans

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    audi r8 trans

    I have a chance to buy an audi r8 motor and 6mt transaxle. It was in a fiery crash, the motor looks pretty bad but the trans looks usable. First, what would I be looking for as far a damage? Is there some plastic components inside that could have melted? All of the electrical stuff on top is melted. Is this tranny mostly mechanical being not from a paddle car? could it be put behind--say--an LS? Its super cheap that's why I ask. Plus, its got a sweet lambo badge stamped in its case!!

    Any advice would be appreciated--thanks
    VAYDOR---G35 based exotic kit car

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    First. You would need to find out of anyone makes an adapter for the engine you want to bolt up. Regardless of fire or not. That's fiirst. You are better served calling an audi garage or fining a tyranny shop to look it over. Imho and professional opinion (I am a tech) I would walk away.

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    If it got very hot you will need to change all the seals at the least. If you buy this I can make the adapter for you. PM me for details.

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    We already make the adapter and flywheel for the Graz to LS engine, we have also done Graz to Maserati, V8 and V12 Ferrari too....we have done approx. 40 of them so far in our SLC....
    We only supply new transaxles though...

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    if its that cheap, scoop it up. replace the seals and if it cant be put back together, ebay it!

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