ok guys, i have decided to build another kit car and go tube chassis on this one, I will be building a murcielago on a naerc chassis, but i would like to do a few things differently with the chassis, one thing being the front suspension, i would like to do an air lift or air ride suspension so i have the ability to lift the front end when needed for speed bumps and such, i know a few people have done this and if i could get some recommendations on how exactly to do this reliably that would be great. As for the wheels and offsets i know there is a difference between the murcy and diablo, so i will make adjustments to the control arm lengths when i have the rims purchased. aside from that i think i should be in pretty good shape to build my chassis, I will be posting up my build progress as i go and i am open to constructive criticism if there is a better way to do something then how i am doing it thanks in advance Farmer