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Thread: Off road car

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    Off road car

    Hi, im not pretty good at mechanics, and thats why im here. i like off road trucks and all that stuff, and i've always liked the off road VW bug.
    now, the thing is that i have a neon, but i suppouse the basis are the same, but, it's expensive to make that modifications? and what could be the "cons" of doing so?
    thanks for your help

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    The WV Bug has lots of character...

    I like its overall shape...
    personally I want this egg shaped 4x4 Previa, raised and with bigger wheels.
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    Yes that would be a good suggestion the bug can be converted as a off roader, but if you have some extra bucks to spare getting a evo 1 or 2 would also be a good idea at least it has a off road pedigree into it.

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