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Thread: trans or clutch locked up - ADVICE

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    trans or clutch locked up - ADVICE

    Went for a 5-10 minute drive and thought I was in neutral and stalled at the red light. Could not move the shifter and had to drive home in 1st gear.... Let the car sit for about 3 hours and was able to move it out of gear but could not locate neutral and no idea what gears I was going into (this was sitting in my drive way)...

    v8 car on 85 GT - 4 speed

    Ideas on where to start?

    Bleed Clutch and Trans
    Check shifter cables
    Replace or rebuild trans

    Put new engine in about 6 months ago... car has been sitting in a paint shop for the last 6 months and finally got it out of there as they didn't do a darn thing but burn outs in it (from what I could see)... So Frustrated as all heck... and do not want to have to pull the engine again... Really hoping its something simple stupid like bleeding fluid or checking cables....

    Anyone have any other ideas?

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    Sounds like you melted a shift cable.
    Unhook the cables at the transmission and see how the trans shifts by hand.
    While they are disconnected try the shifter, if it is stiff you have a cable problem

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