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Thread: Automatic to Manual conversion.

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    Automatic to Manual conversion.

    How difficult is it to convert a automatic to a manual car. I've seen past post in which others have stated to look for a Manual Fiero and remove the parts that are needed for an conversion. I would prefer to purchase new parts than to use 30 year old parts. Any suggestion whom to contact, and price on parts and labor? One more thing the vehicle I have is a Fiero 1988 Automatic possible swapping engines with a LS4 engine or a manual LS1 engine.

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    You will need: (from what I can remember. NOT an exhaustive list)

    • Engine wiring harness and ECU for manual. Automatic has different wires running down to the trans and the
    • Clutch, brake pedal setup
    • Clutch master cylinder
    • Brake line to run a new clutch line down to the transmission
    • I think there is another wiring harness that is needed to be changed as well in the dash/gauge cluster but can't remember exactly.
    • Obviously a manual trans and manual axles
    • New trans mounts for manual trans
    • New flywheel and clutch assembly for manual

    The folks over at Pennock's will have a great list and a how to on it for sure

    The good part is the Fiero frame and interior etc. are pretty much made for either so mounting everything will just be a matter of swapping. As for new parts vs. 30 year old ones, go to a parts store and get the clutch, flywheel and master cylinder but using the 30 year clutch pedal won't be any different than new....

    Getting someone else to do it will be pretty expensive if you can find anyone willing. Again, Pennock's would be the place to see as there might be someone there that will do it for you as well.

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