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Thread: Perspex headlight covers - to seal or not to seal?

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    Perspex headlight covers - to seal or not to seal?

    I'm ready to mount the perspex headlight covers but it strikes me there could be a problem with condensation and thus transparency during rainy periods. The headlights (Mini Moke) have a rubber seal which should prevent any moisture coming into the enclosed area from splash under the front guard but I wonder should I attempt to seal the perspex covers to the bodywork as well? If moisture does get in it will be a PITA to remove the covers and let it dry out.

    I wondered if I should drill a drain hole through the fibreglass under the headlight rim and allow small gaps to remain where the perspex cover doesn't fit snugly to the bodywork, creating some kind of airflow/ventilation, or will that just encourage condensation under the covers?

    Does anyone have experience with these types of covers or any comments? Thanks

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    That's a great question. Maybe some of the Countach guys can help. Personally I wouldn't seal them, unless you can guarantee you have a vacuum under the perspex. My Range Rover has lights on the back of it that mist up occasionally, but they are designed to vent to atmosphere and not be sealed...


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