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Thread: need help finding aventador kit

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    need help finding aventador kit

    Hey everyone I'm new to the forum just signed up as I will be starting a project soon. Needing some advice from anyone that knows I'm wanting to start a aventador but I want a kit that is as spot on as possible and I'm having trouble finding a legit place to get my kit. I hurd rumor there was kits molded off the real car but anyway I'm hoping to find some cool people who share my interest and bounce some ideas I have for the project off there head thanks !

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    Inspire concept has a kit available. It's based of a 3d model but it looks close. He will deliver on his kit as well. I have one and started a build diary on it. Look under build diaries for Venta-R build.

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    Yes - as LP700-4 stated, we watched nCrazybella make an amazing kit last year. He's a good guy, very skilled too, and the kits will get better as he build more.

    If you want a donor you should check out my donor that I made for my Lp640 How To Parallel Park .. Naaaa. Just Test Driving The Project Car My Brother is Building - YouTube

    It's under my Inferno Roadster build thread; takes about 4 weeks to dismantle the MR2 and stretch it and reconnect everything and it will be ready for the new kit.

    This thread can help you too if you go that rout

    Hope that helps

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