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Thread: anyona built sChassisworks chassis using off the shelf control arms and hubs?

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    anyona built sChassisworks chassis using off the shelf control arms and hubs?

    As title states? I have the plans, but would much rather use off the shelf stuff then fabricate. Im also considering trying to use to build a Zonda or Huayra (If I can cut s buck) and looking to make other modifications to use chassis. Just Ideas and thoughts. I am an auto tech, I weld, I fabricate, I been doing it 20+ years so no words of discouragement without solid info to support please. I am just learming the 3d modeling cnc processes and 3d printing. I learn fast, and am driven to make this happen. I just would hate to use a poopy fiero for this, and would rather build this then a Lambo.

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    " no words of discouragement without solid info to support please.......................I would hate to use a poopy Fiero for this..........."

    This is an odd combination of statements to use together!

    Yarmouth Fiero

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    How so? A much more modern suspension setup. Run whatever engine/trans combo I want and if you really do your homework. Cutting up a 1k fiero will eventually cost the same as custom frame. Just look for that tidbit of info from jdinner.

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    It would be simple to modify the frame to use Mustang II up front. What engine and transmission are you looking to use? I would love to put a rotary in front of an 01X or Cayman 6-speed and use my rear suspension design with the TBIrd knuckles. All relatively easy to do.

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    Of course I would run a rotary mated to a porsche g 50 or even go with the sequential tyranny like mad mike has in his 4 rotor bad bull. Tx. I'm gonna pm u for some info bud

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    I would recommend making your own control arms and make them to the correct length so spacers or fender flares are not needed.
    It is not that hard and it is probably cheaper.
    Control Arm Calculator | Kwiker Cars

    I can modify this calculation to work with the chassisworks

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    Rotarycraig, I agree with you on the Fiero chassis. I too will never be convinced that ripping up a Fiero to salvage a floorpan, steering column, and air conditioner is a sound economical move. I also agree with my bud Eric and Dinner. Eric's rear suspension is a nice piece but it does not address the question at hand, and may I suggest that maybe you are not asking the right question. You want off the shelf parts and according to my Chasssisworks plans, the front is stock Corvette and the rear is fabricated. You already have off the shelf on the front and although the Mustang stuff is a good choice, you are trading one off the shelf setup for another. This is just the opposite for the rear, you are trading a fabricated system that you do not want for another fabricated system. It is my opinion that either rear system is adequate but the front is where great improvement is needed, so I ask under your thread rules for solid support on the decision to keep the front and go another way on the back. I can make numerous arguments against the Corvette front, the number one and most overlooked being the physical size and amount of space that it takes out of the footbox for no reason, but I cannot make an argument against Eric's rear setup. Either way you cannot start with the frame and suspension and work outward, you must start with the tires and wheels and work inward. Do this, follow Dinner's lead, and save all of the headaches.
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    Yes. I should have asked more specifically regarding the rear suspension. I also need to see where the body would sit on the chassis in a 3d model to decide if it's really worth the effort. The zonda is 106 wb and the huarya is 110. A lot longer then what most use these chassis for. It could be dead in the water before I make my first cut on my cnc.

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    Charley is right, pick your overall width and the tire and wheel width and offset and work in from there. You could use the Corvette rear suspension but that does limit the wheels you can use as the GTM guys have found out. Fabricating the a-arms is not that hard and you can make them whatever length you need to fit for width. I like the Mustang II as there are a lot of aftermarket parts available for them such as larger brakes or you can easily fab up your own brackets.

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    This is what I like in our hobby (not just replicas but cars as a whole) Sharing info and helping eachother learn. Thanks for the info guys. I'm going to start plotting the body out in some of the free 3d software I got and try to overlay it on the chassis. If it looks like it will work with minimal changes to the design I'm all in and I know what wheels I want to run. I'll keep you guys posted. Thanks.


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