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Thread: Which Fastener / Snap type to use on G28 Roadster Convertible top

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    Which Fastener / Snap type to use on G28 Roadster Convertible top

    The OEM top has 4 fasteners surrounding each head-rest hump, so I will probably use 4 or 5 fasteners on each side too.

    The top is to be used on the car while driving; I have weather stripping for the windshield top pillar and above the door windows, so I don't expect much air or water issues beyond normal soft tops anomalies.

    I am done with the design and the metal work, and now it seems that there are so many kinds and styles of fasteners but I don't know what's best for the project.

    The bottom part will have to permanently screw / mount into the fiberglass body. And once I buy a set I will buy the installation tool.

    Does anyone know the best kind that can stand the use in mind?

    A or D look legitimate in this pic but I don't know cons/pros of either, or maybe there is a better choice out there.

    Any guidance is much appreciated.
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    i used A for my porsche 356 build it looks good and not too big, the others i didnt like , but its your choice

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