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Thread: Retro Fit A/C

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    Retro Fit A/C

    I started with a non AC car and bought the heater unit. I need to get the rest of the parts but not sure all that I need. Is there better condensors to use? I see imports have much smaller condensors than the domestics, where do I get the hoses, dryers(?) etc. I would rather go with used (because I am cheap)
    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Retro Fit A/C

    I am also wondering this aswell, I am going to buy all the parts from another fiero. And will see what are useable and what should be upgraded. There are companys that sell aftermarket kit's for non ac cars, You may be able to purchase some of the parts sepreatly if need be. Also I am going to get an ac shop to do all the custom hoses for the car.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: Retro Fit A/C

    check out some of the old time hot rod sites
    I'm sure they have the same problem
    Vintage Air..... comes to mind

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