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Thread: gt40 some question for beginning

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    gt40 some question for beginning

    hello all!!!
    (sorry for my english)
    I never build any car never work with car but want to start , i am student (automotive engineering specialization) have some ideas but didn't have much money, because of this I started to shape the project by myself , to be even more accessible and easy in construction , at the moment I finished shaping the rear suspension and roll cage need some help in shaping of front suspension (didn't know what type of suspension have better characteristic, please send some examples)

    currently this is the sketch in 3ds Max, project with the exact size will be created in SolidWorks

    My questions
    1) what opinion you have about frame, any suggestions will be accepted
    2) need some example of sport front suspension cant found detailed information
    3) (main question) how to create fiberglass panels? i want to print the matrix of original model but i think it will be to expensive ( have experience with fiberglass)

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    Hi Radu.
    I have built a few gt40s, & I can tell you it's one of the most difficult cars to build, because of the limited space you have to work with.
    Every single part just about has to be manufactured, unless you are using off the shelf parts from one of the big gt builders.
    I made moulds of a body once, & gave up on the rear section , as it was very complicated, & not cost effective to produce myself, So in your case I would try getting hold of a complete body, and build the rest.

    Even this way you are in for a great learning experience. With regards to suspension, get yourself some books like suspension bible, there are lots on the market, and they teach a great deal.
    I don't think any one can tell you what setup to use, it is a personal choice, & you need a setup that will fit the car you are building.
    I always look at what the best sports & race cars with a similar weight, dimension and balance run, & modify from there to suit.

    I must say that if you complete a gt, after all the crap it gives you, it is one of the most rewarding cars to get into and drive.

    Cheers Jose'

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