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Thread: Question about riceburners climate control set need help

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    Question about riceburners climate control set need help

    Hi does anyone know who had installed the riceburners climate control set for a diablo replica? Or anyone who knows about his climate control. I wanted to know does the heating and ac from the car actually work with it's buttons? I know the set is only for looks for the climate control but what about the heat and ac for the car? Would I be able to get that for the car or if I use this then is there no heating and ac for my car? Thanks for any help.

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    I have Riceburner's F355 controller installed in a vehicle and have no issue wrt getting HVAC and/or heat. This has been in service for more than three years with no issues. It is true that several of the switches do not perform useful functions and the on/off switch is hidden on this model and it is hard to see the green "on" light unless it is night time. However, I would buy this again and trust that his Diablo controller will work equally well.

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    Thanks. I think my builder has it figured out. But he's still testing it when he works on the engine soon. It's connected now but still need to connect and finalize the compressor etc to see how it works.

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