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Thread: Need help diablo roadster side glass for both doors

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    Need help diablo roadster side glass for both doors

    Hi does anyone know what I can do about both my side windows that is too long to fit in my kit. I had them for many years and didn't find out until now that they don't fit. They are just too long. They are made by AGP. I need them for my D&R diablo roadster kit. Any ideas what can be done or where I may be able to find some that fit my kit.
    Also can a glass shop cut the ones I have to fit or can they make some to fit? What would the process be? Thanks for any help.

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    I see this question has been sitting a while. Here's what I know about automotive glass;
    There's 2 main styles, tempered and laminated. Typically, later model cars have laminated windshields and the rest tempered. However, AGP (I have a full set for a Diablo here), is usually laminated. That's a good thing because it can be cut and/or ground. To cut laminate, (let a pro do it) you scribe a line with a glass cutter on both sides, squirt an ounce of alcohol on the upper scribed surface, and ignite it. That softens the plastic sandwiched in between the 2 layers of glass to let it flex just enough to allow the upper layer of glass to crack along the scribe mark. Then flip it over and place the scribe at the edge of the table, tap or press down on the glass and break the 2nd layer. Apply gentle pressure down to stretch and break the plastic. Then grind the edge on a wet belt sander.
    If there's a stamp on a lower corner that says "tempered", it can't be cut.

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