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Thread: Fiero Engines

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    Fiero Engines

    I recently finished off the Suspension & Brake upgrades. Now i'm looking into replacing or upgrading the V6. I've narrowed it down to.

    Stock V6
    1. Rebuild bottom end & Stroke to 3.1 - 160hp
    2. Design One Stage II turbo - 250hp

    Quad 4
    1. High Output Engine - 180hp
    2. ACE Turbo - 325hp

    1. Series II Engine - 210hp
    2. ACE Stage II Supercharger - 284hp
    3. ACE Intercooler - 300hp

    1. 4.6 engine - 300hp

    Do any of you guys have one of these setups?

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    Re: Fiero Engines

    How come a 3.4L DOHC isn't on that List!!!

    215 Base HP, tuneable to 300+ HP. Mine benches out at 325 at the crank. The most beautiful part is the REVS!!! If you want THE motor to replicate the performance and sound of a 355, the 3.4L DOHC is it!

    Anything else is just a motor swap, the 3.4L DOHC is a GLOVE!

    DKOV -

    PS... I havn't mentioned it to you all yet, but I've decided to add a Turbo! 400+ is now the goal!!!

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    Re: Fiero Engines

    I know, I know...that was my first choice, but the engine was discontinued 4 years ago. I dont want to run into trouble down the road.

    Plus I cant find anyone who can tune it out or produce a turbo for it anymore. IRM, PISA, ACE & Design One dont sell one. Hook me up......

    Do you think a 3.4 DOHC can be rebuilt with forged & billet parts, ported & overbored, plus a turbo installed for $8000? Including Engine.

    The northstar setup is about $9500. The Quad 4 & 3.8 setups are about $6500. (including engine & labor)

    How much did your engine cost after rebuild? Are you using the Getag 284 tranny?

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    Re: Fiero Engines

    Well... Forged and Billet? Most of the darn thing is already aluminum

    It can easily be built up for $8000 or less. I don't have nearly that much into mine. The new addition, the Turbo, is not from any "kit" buillder but a specific design for this motor that is compiled of parts that any Joe can buy himself for around $1000.

    Oh, yes, I'm using a Getrag 384 5-speed tranny. It was the tranny mated to the motor from the factory.

    My motor is port, polished, balanced, etc. The only thing left that I had not done was add a Turbo, and well...

    The new GM replacement is a 3.5L DOHC and is in reality, HALF a Northstar. They are virtually identical in most every other respect. It's a great fit too.

    The big (and significant) issue that most people overlook with the hunt for more HP and swapping out those N* motors and small blocks and such... The WEIGHT.

    The Fiero is already MUCH to bias to the rear with basically a 40/60 weight problem. Balance is key to a great performer and the Fiero is pretty UN-balanced. Adding a V8 only compounds the problem. That is the biggest reason I went with the 3.4L DOHC is that with a minor change, I can bring the balance to nearly 50/50.

    Plus, truth be told, no motor sounds quite like it

    Put whatever you want in there, I was just curious why you didn't have it listed.

    DKOV -

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    Re: Fiero Engines

    Isn't there a problem with the Northstar engines (3.5,4.0 & 4.6) mating to stick, what kind of fun in 300 horses with no dam stick?

    How much torgue is that motor of yours putting out? Is it pushing the Getag to its limits. I think the recommended max for the Getag 284 is about 250 & 200 for the 282.

    As for the 50/50 weight, the Quad is obviously much lighter and so is the Northstar. The Northstar is also all alluminum.

    So you didn't rebuild any part of the bottom end? Last thing I need is a rod flying out the block at the track ;D

    Supercharged 3800
    I dont like this engine mostly because it is butt ugly and heavier that the stock v6

    Turbo Stock V6
    For the same amount of money I would have to pour into this thing, I could get more HP elsewhere.

    Pretty engine...all alluminum...lighter than v6...But must be babied when in stick form. NO THANK YOU, NEXT!

    Turbo High Output Quad 4
    I really love this engine. Low torgue...Lighter that the V6...high reving. However, I would have to rebuild the bottom end with stronger parts. 185hp to 325hp is a huge jump from simply adding a turbo.

    As for the DOHC, that was my first choice. You saw my messages asking about it elsewhere. I guess I'll keep looking.
    I have heard that it has the meanest sound out of the bunch.

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    Re: Fiero Engines

    Don't forget to check your state smog first if you're also unfortunate enough to live in a state that has it. Here in CA, the only swap that will pass smog with my 2.8 and 4 speed is the 3.4 pushrod. Theb3.8 SC won't even pass the visual part of the smog with a 4 speed.

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    Re: Fiero Engines

    California is tought, I've heard. I didn't realize that they knew enough about the visuals to kick you out just by looking at one! That's tough, Man!

    I just went through DEQ with my 3.4L TDC stuffed in my Fiero. Interestingsly, I do NOT have a CAT on my car :

    I was sweating it when the inspector walked around and asked my to pop the deck! Standing behind the decklid, I could not see what was going on but after around 15 seconds, I was told to wait for the test to begin and have a nice day!

    Car passed with flying colors! There's a margin to pass within and I wasn't even above HAVLF of that margin! With NO CAT!!!

    My muffler guy told me to tell them, if they asked, that the CAT was on the manifold in front. Of course, they'd have to pull the motor to verify that!

    Still, I was very happy it passed VERY well.

    DKOV -

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    Re: Fiero Engines

    Check out this site with regards to a caddy 4.9 swap. I have drove one and talk about nice.<br /><br />FieroDon<br />86 SE<br />87 GT (factory blue)<br />88 GT<br />

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    Re: Fiero Engines

    Unique, I'm don't know how much mechanically inclined you are, (no insult) but it takes a bit of skill to do what you are
    talking about. We can compare engines all day. "Hey, I can just slap a turbo on a HO quad-4 for an easy 325HP!". Not that easy, and PLEASE, someone show me a dyno test of a 325HP quad-4. I'd love to see it.
    "That engine is pretty". Uh... ok. I wouldn't base thousands of dollars on it looking pretty. Northstar must be babied in stick form??? Talk to people who have done it, I am sure they will tell you that you are mistaken.
    Ok, let me overview what your question was. Which engine do I want? I've narrowed it down to "60 degree v6's, quad-4, northstar, or 3800" (so basically any GM engine that has been stuffed into a fiero, minus SBC and 3.4TDC... but probably not the 3800SC because it's "butt ugly"...)

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    Re: Fiero Engines

    Oh yeah, forgot one important detail.

    .. and the 3.4 OHV isn't a legal swap in California either, as said by GM performance parts:

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