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Thread: Details - Engine pictures II

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    Details - Engine pictures II

    I made my own air cleaner box. I needed something to work with the turbo and be off to the side and have the outlet in line with the inlet of the throttle body. I looked in the junk yards but could not find anything even close. So I made my own rough buck and had my fiberglass friend guy finish it and make a mold from which he made the air cleaner assembly. The Ferrari horse is molded into the cover. That is not a bolted on emblem. I used a K&N air filter from a newer GM car. It is flat and I made a metal frame inside to hold it in place. When I bought the turbo kit I bought another tube from the turbo to the throttle body. That one I cut and had rewelded to turn to the left to make the one from the air cleaner to the turbo. I like the look of having the turbo pipes equal in apperance.

    Passenger side. I installed a plastic triangle in the open area for the dog bone from an ealier model Fiero. To get it to stay in an 88 you have to glue it in or the wind will blow it out and you will loose it. The window area below the rear deck lid I made a aluminum sheet pianted semigloss black to cover the glass that showed below the rear deck lid as the lid on a Mera or a 308/328 is higher and part of the window shows below the rear deck lid. When you open the rear deck lid you would see this glass and it looked out of place. If I would do that again I would just use black vinyl. For the coolant fill cover over the thermostat I was in the junkyard and I found an oil fill cap from an old Volvo that was 2 pieces and screwed together. I took the top off and had it welded to the stock cap. The screws on the sides were just ground flush and welded in place to make it look like it was screwed on. Just next to the thermostat cover you can just see the power steering pully.

    A real 308 body color sticker and real Ferrari oil plate and fan warning sticker. For my trunk latch I cut the sides to make it as narrow as possible so the opening is smaller in the vinyl trunk cover I made. Plus I painted it black so it blends in with the trunk lid under sides.

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    Re: Details - Engine pictures II

    looks good!!

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    Re: Details - Engine pictures II

    You have power steering on your Fiero?

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    Re: Details - Engine pictures II

    your turbo seems to be mounted low, so I was
    wondering if you are using an electric oil pump
    below the turbo and what make etc is the pump

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