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Thread: Upholstery mounting problems

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    Upholstery mounting problems

    Am I missing something here? I had a local upholsterer stitch and cover some fiberglass panels for the interior of my Koenig TR build. Some are OK, the rest became unglued. The vinyl actually lifted off of the fiberglass as if the contact cement / glue was bad. He redone them. Cleaned off glue and started over. Used a more expensive 3M glue and a "stretchier" vinyl. Better, but I still see the vinyl lifting in a couple areas!
    It is like the glue goes soft in places. Does upholstery glue not react well with fiberglass?
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    It should be cleaned well so the mold release is all gone. Then sand it lightly so the glue has something to bond to.

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    yeap thats exactly what happens when is not cleaned correctly

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    Thanks for the information, I was thinking I needed better glue, I had the 3M Super glue !

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    Generally speaking, Most upholstery on dashes, door cards and etc for kit cars usually start off with a fiberglass molded part that is covered with a thin foam followed by the leather or vinyl upholstery. "jdinner" mentioned how the fiberglass part must be free of mold release and sanded. That is very true. If you don't have a good base for the glue to stick, It will certainly fail. To expand on that. Clean the fiberglass panel to ensure all wax, mold release are removed for a good bond. Use prep-sol, Lacquer thinner or what ever. Sand the panel down so it does not have a gloss to it. That will give you a better base for the glue. The foam you use may also need to be sanded. Especially if you are using a thin closed cell foam such as landau foam. Which is a common foam for this purpose. Most upholsters spray Weldwood Landau Contact Adhesive or equivalent to glue everything together out of a spray gun. Glue out of spray cans does not last. I don't know what was used in your situation but if these steps are followed your upholstery will not lift off.

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    I used 3M 90 contact adhesive on all my interior parts, never had any problems with the bond breaking even after 10 years now.
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