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Thread: auto porsche trans to chevy?

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    auto porsche trans to chevy?

    does anyone know how strong the porsche boxster s auto transmission is? we are wanting to do one of our cars with an auto mated to the chevy motor and one with the manual. i just cant find any info on the auto. i talked to renegade porsche today and they didnt have anything to say about it because they dont do that swap. we are wanting to push in the 600hp range with that trans if it will hold it.


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    I doubt that it will hold 600 HP but even if it will you will have a real problem getting the electronics to work. Porsche uses some odd programming and they don't give out any information about it. I do an adapter for the V8s to the Audi 5HP19 that might work for you. I also do adapters for the manual transmissions. PM me for details.

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    Handling HP is a misconception. How do you plan to drive it? If you plan on do dragstrip type starts then you can tear up a "regular" transmission with 300hp. If you apply most of your power when you are rolling down the road like in a passing situation, it can handle way more power. No txbuilder also built an adapter for me for LS to Chyrsler 42LE from a 300m. PCS (powertraincontrolsolutions) makes a controller and harness for the 42LE. 600hp? Not from a stand still with a lot of traction....

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