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Thread: MR2 questions..

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    MR2 questions..

    Hi Guys
    I have a question.. specific to UK car regulations.

    If I buy an MR2 (not convertible) could I cut and splice the body tub onto my spaceframe chassis, using the Toyota's suspension points and axle points, but using all the running gear currently on my car. So I would remove the engine bay of the MR2, and cut the space frame at the front of the tube chassis at the front, push the tunnel of the space frame through the MR2, resulting in an MR2 front and a spaceframe/V8 rear. Then reattach the MR2 panels as required to the rear.

    Hopefully If i work it all out I can keep the MR2 front end as it is, but use the Ford stub axles/callipers/brakes. So it would kind of be a hybrid spaceframe mr2.

    I would then cut the roof off, and use my cockpit/glass and retro fit all my bit in the MR2. The Body with the roof cut off will have been strengthened by the space frame chassis being pushed through the centre of the donor car.


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    I guess it is possible. Check Murcielago build forum on

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    It would definitely require an SVA (IVA), and would be classed as a heavily modified car. Quite possibly it would need a new VIN and chassis number, then be subject to a new registration.
    Google New SVA requirements VOSA/DVLA and you'll find the latest download on the regs.

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