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Thread: chassis but no suspension

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    chassis but no suspension

    So , many years back a very nice member of this forum shared with us details of a tube chassis to replace the fiero tub, (hopefuly picture loads !), I have the pdf's of the chassis , which I am currently turning into a 3D solid model (catia V5) , but I have no suspension geometry . Does anyone have the suspension geometry they are willing to let me have . so I can complete the model .

    when it is finished I am more than happy to let people have the data free of charge , as thats the way I got the frame data

    many thanks in advance
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    Those frame picks and cads came from me. When I got the frame I also got these unfinished cads. The original setup was for a C4 front suspension setup and a custom rear using, I think, C5 rear hubs.

    I will check my old frame picks and see what I can post to show how the suspension was hung. Not sure I have really good detailed picks of the suspension portions but I will check.

    Anyone have the geometry for the C4 front setup?

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    Appreciate the reply, knowing the fronts were/are C4 based will help my web surfing research , many thanks for the designs and the info

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