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Thread: 1000 lbs torque 1000 hp vw 4 cylinder (temp)

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    1000 lbs torque 1000 hp vw 4 cylinder (temp)

    I am advertising an idea I have.
    The vw engine produces maybe 75 hp, but if you store the power while not driving in the form of compressed air, you can produce more by releasing it in a burst effect. Have the engine compress the air with mechanical advantage for 10 minutes, store it in a i.e. 30 gallon carbon fiber air tank, then release the high psi to turbine connected to the driveshaft. Just like a wind up toy car only with compressed air instead of a spring.
    This idea is free for the taking.

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    The more PSI you try to store the higher the input energy required. The output energy will never equal or exceed the input energy. The compressed air may give a brief burst of energy (torque) but the equipment to produce, store and use it costly and heavy. There are cheaper and lighter ways of doing this readily available already (eg: turbochargers, superchargers, nitrous etc.).... explore an electric over hydraulic system instead. IMHO

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    I might be wrong but I think that the Porsche 918 race car used a flywheel in place of the passenger seat to successfully get the same effect.

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    Just google compressed air Powred cars they've already done this

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    Peugeot is putting this in their small cars.

    Peugeot highlights its Hybrid Air technology in new demonstrator car

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