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Thread: SRC F430 scuderia & options

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    SRC F430 scuderia & options

    I see on their site they offer the $1850 scuderia front and rear in the options... I haven't seen anyone with this option on any build, any pictures?

    Also the $3000 "complete" lighting kit headlights and taillights, are the headlights preassembled and satin black painted as so on their site? I seen some builds where it's kind of a not so friendly diy assembly build of the lights.

    What else should I know? Did the deformed hood mold get fixed?

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    Hi Rippin.
    I'm packing the headlights these days (I send the images soon) I cant tell you anything SRC scuderia, now he sends the hood in two parts.
    This instruction headlights are fast (he sent me)
    1-Take the ring ( nš 1 ) and push to fit on the repeater ( nš 2 )
    2-The next step is bond this in to the hole “B”
    3-Take headlight (nš 4 ) and take off the chrome ring
    4-Bond headlight cover ( nš 3 ) on to the headlight ( nš 4 )
    5-With the headlight in the car, check and fix temporally in the proper position ( height and direction ) to bond the headlight in the hole “A”.
    6-Piece “C” itīs just to protect from dust, ( not really needed ) or to build the headlights with springs ( quite complicated ), but if you use it, must cut the red circles to get access to bulbs.
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