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Thread: Countach - Wanting to change manual to automatic

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    Countach - Wanting to change manual to automatic

    87 Fiero GT I want to change the transmission from manual to automatic. Start with re manufactured automatic, then what other modifications will be necessary? (axles, electrical, etc)

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    Shifter, shift cables, radiator/transmission oil cooler, remove the neutral start switch, and add the switch to only start in Park. Also, the computer. I don't think there's much difference in wiring on a car from that era.

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    You will need to change out the engine bay wiring harness as well. It has different transmission wires. Different foot pedals as well if you want to go that far.

    If you go to Pennock's Fiero forum, there are several threads that detail how to change over to an auto from manual and the other way round. Just do a search and several come up.

    Pennock's Fiero Forum

    Good luck
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