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Thread: ok,i have my widebody SEBRING kit, making my check-list. vets plz chime in.

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    ok,i have my widebody SEBRING kit, making my check-list. vets plz chime in.

    okay I have the best kit the famous flordia SS. is actually in my storage unit right now, I have a guy I know is very knowledgeable about fabricating and repairing salvage vehicles. I am here just to confirm what my research has shown me.I

    'm first thinking that you're supposed to swap the passenger side lower a frame withthe driver side. This will slide the wheels forward if I'm wrong please tell me.

    I also understand the pivot point on both doors need to be changed by adding 1.5 outward steel to the henge.older post mention purchasing new hinges instead of modify existing ones. are the Modify hinges available?

    I understand different door handles are available ive herd diamante and 03 Lincoln. are there any detailed pictures my guy is good but I'd like to make it as easy as possible. I iderstand its going to be curved rods, but he is hispanic and a picture would truely be worth a thousand words

    has anybody tried relocating the gas tank fill location to the proper side which is the passenger on the real deal. I have thought of maybe using exhaust pipe to curve inside trunk to original sidespace. then cover up with interior trunk panels to hide it and fill gas slow. the only thing I'm wondering is would it set off check engine light due to a difference in airspace because of the added length betwen gas cap and tank with the exrension. I know the driver side is easier but with this kit and the top up the gas tank is really the only obvious dead give away.

    also Vets please Chime in if there is anything I have failed to mention. have been reading every video diary I can find but they seem to be limited at best. I understand why I'm just hoping I can have a little bit more info to provide my guy with so it can be as seamless as possible. thanks again and I appreciate your patience with me.
    Posting on board w/ my phone, sorry for the jumbled words

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    Chiming in- What exact kit is this? Not familiar with this one
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    The fugazzi kit

    With the top up the side windows are a dead giveaway this is a replica , it's very different
    Than a real Bentley, much more than which side the gas cap is on
    I wouldnt worry about the gas filler location

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    I understand i was just curious, had anyone explored the notion of swaping sides. I have the plans yo do it. I just dont know if its going to set of check engine light. That would suck, especially since im not building i'd be paying for double work. Well anyone know about other steps needed or pics of process. I can be emailed if people prefer that over posting pics. Thanks again to all as i mentioned before i want him to continue building with limited interruption, and information is key.

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    OK Buddy here you go.

    Remove both front strut assemblies and switch the upper wish bone with the other side. This will make the front wheels sit 1 inch forward.

    The door hinges need to be modified so the door panels don't run into the front fenders. Matt added 1.5" although 1.75 might be a little better. See my build diary on how to do this.

    Forget about switching the fuel filler to the other side. NO ONE WILL PAY A BIT OF ATTENTION TI IT. Although if you did it will have no effect on the service light coming on.

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    I have the OEM hood emblem for sale on ebay now for 80.00 shipped US. if you want it.

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