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Thread: Making an automated car finding software for car flippers- Craigslist Classics

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    Making an automated car finding software for car flippers- Craigslist Classics

    Hi guys,

    I first want to introduce myself to those of you who don't know my. I am Michael Bramante, I have been on this forum for quite a while not but do not post much. For the past few years I have been buying and selling cars for profit, everything from muscle cars, sports cars, and even classic Lamborghini's. Some cars that I've flipped have been Grand Nationals, Porsches, Pro street cars, Corvettes, BMW 2002's, and even a Lamborghini Espada.

    Like many of you, I spend hours and hours everyday sifting through craigslist and other classified ads looking for cars that are priced under their current value; for potential flips. This got me thinking, a lot of this time could be automated with a robot.

    What the software is:

    So I have been putting together a software that does just this. The software searches craigslist (will expand to other classifieds once it's past the beta version) and notifies you whenever a car comes up for sale under a certain price point. You have the ability to choose a keyword, zipcode area, and then a price; the software will notify you whenever a listing is posted under that price point.

    Basically you can set a price, for example an Acura NSX at $25,000, and whenever an Acura NSX is posted under $25,000 in your search range (or nationwide) you will be notified as soon as that listing is posted so you can be the first person to contact that seller. This allows you to set as many searches as you want and then forget about it; you will then have a list of cars coming up for sale under your prices all done automatically.

    What Craigslist Classics provides you:

    We provide you with this software that you can download onto your computer. I am also putting together a video series to help cover any questions about flipping cars like what to look out for, how to use the software, etc. Also you will gain access to a special forum for people also looking for car finds. And lastly we have an Instagram account (@CraigslistClassics) with 10.8k followers and a twitter account (@CraigslistClass) with 2,200 followers; you will also get the access to post your cars for sale on our social media accounts to 13,000 followers.

    Some questions for you guys.

    What do you guys think of the idea? I am trying to figure out what kind of price point to charge. There is one other company out there with the same business plan; they are charging $87 a month. I personally think that is an obnoxiously high price. Personally I am thinking about a price point around $7-$15 a month. What do you guys think of the business plan?

    Thanks for your time,

    P.S. Sorry I didn't know where to post this topic.

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    Hey Guys,

    I wanted to show you guys the video we made of the software. It is now done and ready for you to sign up for anyone interested.

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    Special pricing for mm members ? If you can offer it under $7/month I'll try it out !

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    Hi Cutlass,
    I can't change the price but for MM members I can give you a 3 day free trial! If you want to head over to and register I will give you 3 days to test it out.

    This goes for all MM members, just send me a PM and I will get your trial started!

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