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Thread: Toyota MR2 Speedo Troubles

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    Toyota MR2 Speedo Troubles

    I need to buy a new speedo cluster as mine has gone up the spout.
    For a replacement I am having trouble trying to find one.
    As my MR2 is a REV1 Turbo where the speedo cable pushes into the back all I can find is a speedo from a NA MR2.
    The gauges are slightly different where the turbo meter is on the top middle of the cluster on the NA version there is a battery meter instead.

    Will the NA speedo instrument cluster fit and work on my turbo? And plug straight in?

    I'm not worried about the turbo meter as I have a after market one fitted anyway.

    I know that it's only the REV 1 speedo that has a mechanical connection. And the REV2 upwards went digital.

    Any advice would be great.
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