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Thread: new user and new bentley purchase. have a wiring question

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    new user and new bentley purchase. have a wiring question

    Hello all!! Recently purchased a bentley replica project. Its the fugazzi body and had oem tail lights and head lights.

    Sooo tail lights work fine they are 05 bentley lights. As soon as I plug in headlights...(they are wired into a harness) the tail light fuse blows.

    my question is since the head lights are directly wire tapped into the brown wire inside do u think im suppose to have a box like hid kits??? The Headlights cut on and power Up fine.

    Its just odd and I wanted to post before I do something dumb like upgrading the fuse n frying something.

    I tested each wire on head lights and tail Lights with 12vs and verified each wires place. I did split the grouds like how the headlight has 3 wires 1 hi 1 low beams and 1 ground I wired each light and Shared the ground... was that the problem. ..

    sorry for long post I just figure more info is better that a lack there of. Thanks to all!!!

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    Sounds like there is too much current passing through the tail light harness

    I would just get an aftermarket hid kit with bulbs ballast and wiring and run dedicated separate wiring from the headlights to the battery with a separate fuse

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    Sounds great, so basically ill just order an hid kit and cut bulbs off of kit and integrate the wires into the bentley/sebring wiring. Sounds like a winner to me. Thanks.

    I was about to break out the 4pin relays and wire the head lights like*that but your method of thinking sounds much safer. Thanks cutlass442, I appreciate the prompt response

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    No, don't integrate the kit into the existing wiring beyond the on/off connection lead

    Run the new kit with its Included dedicated power wiring directly to the battery, completely separate from the existing wiring

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    Quote Originally Posted by bentleyboy View Post
    Thanks cutlass442, I appreciate the prompt response
    It's about 10 or 12 hours since this was posted. I have used the time most wisely.

    I've searched this forum, lamboclone, kitcentral and others, including but not limited to: yahoo, google, chrome, bing,,,, wolframalpha, duckduckgo, com and, and it appears, from my extensive research at least, that this the first time in recorded human history, or the bajillions of pieces of information on the internet, that those 8 words have ever been said together, in that order, anywhere, ever, even once, probably.

    Welcome to the forums Bentleyboy, hope you find the droids you're looking for.... just don't get him started on cutting foam.

    Any pics of your car?


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    Upgrade fuse to higher.

    I use to have low beam oem in 10 fuse, now hid i use 15.

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    I tried a 25 amp fuse over the stock 20 amp. I really dont want to fry anything. I was thinking maybe some former fugazzi owners who used oem head lights n tail lights had a method but cutlass442 method sounds the safest.

    I was windering should I order just normal hid kit n wire low beams only since high beams look like a standard bulb or do I need to order the bi-hid kit.

    Sorry for late repky and ill post pics later this week after I resolve this head light issue. Every time I uncover it I want to ride it. Lol.

    Thanks again you all

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    I have a fugazzi, with oem lights, the tails aren't too bright, and signals flash quickly w/out much brightness. I have a little work to do.

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    I sent you a pm asking if your stock 20amp fuse was upgraded. I wonder if my lights should be wired in differently. Im willing to order hid kit im just waiting to see which aftermarket kit is recommended. Standard hid or bi hid.. or are other people using relays to run the lights and thats y there Is so little knowledge about the hid solutions.. I dont mind relays but I believe the hid and ballast would be best way to go... link to reccommed hid kit anyone???
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    1,847 for hid kits

    Since the bentley has 4 headlight openings , You might want to get two standard hid kits if you want all 4 headlights to operate as hi/low headlights- instead of 2 being parking lights , the bi xenon just moves a shield over the light to limit the high /low beam.

    Plenty of people have fried the oem Bentley headlights and tailights , and at $1000+ each one that's not a good idea

    Personally I like the 55 watt 5000k color lights - close to oem and very bright. Again run dedicated wiring from the hid kits to the battery , esp if you run two sets of 55w lights. It will be super bright
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