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Thread: How to Torture a Fiero Front Spindle

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    Cool How to Torture a Fiero Front Spindle

    Hello gang. In my quest to get the 5 x 4.75 chevy wheel pattern on my 86 Fiero. I want to try something and need a bit of help. I've read too many posts on how to achieve Vette brakes and the chevy pattern than I can remember. Today I actually came upon something sort of new. Trailer hubs are like the old Corvair hubs in every way. When matched with the correct trailer stub shaft you now have a wheel rated for 1750 lbs. Two of these up front and you're rating is 3500 lb.
    -Interesting I thought,

    read on-

    The 2 previous methods at getting this 5 x 4.75 pattern up front on a 84-87 Fiero were:

    Bubba Joe's Corvair conversion on PFF, which I would never do because it calls for sleeve spacers under a roller bearing. Very un-safe.

    And also on PFF. Fiero308's version (his pictures are below from 2004) where he cut out a Camaro's front spindle shaft and presses it into a Fiero spindle that had its orig shaft removed. Then he turned down a Camaro rotor to make a hub like the Lebaron Brake upgrade.

    My plan is to :
    1) Remove the original shaft out of the Fiero spindle, (it appears pressed in and welded) machine the opening slightly larger for a press fit of the trailer stub shaft. Fiero stub axle is slightly narrower than trailer axle (a local machine shop will do this)
    2) Install Trailer stub axle into Fiero spindle. add bearing and trailer hub with longer studs.
    3) Mock up on Fiero suspension before welding to see where the Camaro-Vette rotor and Blazer S10 caliper sit, check for interference. note: S-10 calipers have banjo bolts next to the bleeders and don't require crazy longer brake hoses.
    4) Make a pair of caliper brackets
    5) have a cold beer while documenting the entire process here for all members to see.

    The upside: Bigger bearings up front, thicker stub shaft, Vette-like brakes, no more wheel adapters for me, my wheels bolt right up. and looks killer.

    I will purchase the trailer parts, but need a 84-87 front spindle.

    Does anyone here have one laying around that they will donate to this cause? I'll pay the shipping.

    See pics below.

    Thanks ! Vinny
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    Here are the specs for the Stub Shaft and Hub Kit:

    Northern Tool
    Ultra-Tow Axle Spindle — 1 3/4in. Round, 8in. Long, Single
    $19.99 ea.
    This heavy-duty Ultra-Tow™ trailer axle is made from premium high tensile strength steel. Spindle is machined to extremely close tolerances on world-class machining equipment. Each spindle is fully inspected. Sold individually.
    Key Specs
    Item# 5712454
    Manufacturer's Warranty 24 months limited parts / No labor
    Ship Weight 4.0 lbs
    Rated Load (lbs.) 1,750
    Spindle Diameter (in.) 1 3/4
    Stub Axle Type Tapered
    Stub Axle Diameter (in.) 1 3/4 round
    Seal Size (in.) 1.72
    Inner Bearing Size (in.) 1 3/8
    Outer Bearing Size (in.) 1 1/16
    Overall Length (in.) 8

    5 x 4.75 Hubs (pair)
    Part # 5475UHI --- 5 on 4-3/4" Hub Assembly - Pair
    3,500 lb Capacity, 1-3/8" Inner Bearing, 1-1/6" Outer Bearing
    Part No:

    This 5 on 4.75 hub assembly kit includes two each of hubs, bearings, races, grease seal, dust cap and 10 lug nuts.
    • 3,500 lb Hub Assembly
    • Bolt Pattern: 5 on 4-3/4"
    • Use on 2-3/8" Axle - 3,500 lb Capacity
    • Outer Race Included, Part No. L44610
    • Inner Race Included, Part No. L68111
    • Outer Bearing Included, Part No.: L44649
    • Outer Bearing Size: 1-1/16" (1.0625")
    • Inner Bearing Included, Part No.: L68149
    • Inner Bearing Size: 1-3/8" (1.378")
    • Dust Cap Included, Part No. DC1
    • Grease Seal Included, Part No. GS84
    • Ten 1/2" - 20 Wheel Nuts Included, Part No. F19374

    If you have a 84-87 front spindle laying around the garage, I'll gladly take it to try this mod. Remember I'll pay the shipping.
    Thanks ! Vinny
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    Remember, there is always next year.

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